Monday, August 24, 2009

Number Two

It's Monday! Yikes. But today I went (and still am going) on an OCD rampage. I've finished so many assignments for school that aren't even due this week. And I did 80 percent of them during school, too. Hmm. Freedom feels good right now. haha
These are my semi-curly hair pictures of what I wore today :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Number One

New blog! haha and this is apparently my reaction.
So yesterday was a very productive day. (Which will explain why I'm posting rather lazily)...
First my mom and I went thrifting, then to my school's "football jamboree" scrimmage.
After that we went to Perimeter Mall to shop and I got some lovely things. This weekend has been the best shopping weekend.
[Boots-Rampage; Bra- Forever 21; Jacket- Ralph Lauren; Tights- Express]
Plus I got to spend time with my boo after that! :]