Thursday, November 26, 2009


So I forgot to mention...
On Monday my eyes completely rejected one of my contacts, but I didn't want to wear my glasses to school. SO. I brought my glasses and decided I would be blind unless I really really needed to see something. ANYWAY this went well other than the fact that I was squinty all day, but on Tuesday I decided I wouldn't do that and I would just force in some contacts.

I put in two new ones but one of my eyes kept watering really bad throughout the day. Finally it got so bad I couldn't open either of my eyes.
Which is really embarrassing when someone is talking and hitting on you. Since you look like you're sobbing.
But the class I was in was having a presentation day of these projects. So between two projects, I got a pass to the bathroom.

I went in the bathroom and half of my face was really pink and irritated and my eye was still pouring water. So I quickly took out my contact... just one... haha.. put some eye drops in and went back to class. But knowing my luck, there wasn't a presentation going out and since people always look right at the door no matter who is coming in, this was no different.

Only I looked like two-face with a waterfall streaming out of my half-closed eye.

The gasps and reactions were really nice. hahahahah fun fun fun
thanks eye!

Number ten?

Today is THANKSGIVING. In other words, the day Ariel and I are forced to take sister pictures for our x-mas cards... haaa so here are a few of the choices. and me. being conceited I supposeee

Monday, November 2, 2009

Number Nine

So today was probably the worst Monday I've ever had. (And the "i" key is mysteriously malfunctioning on my keyboard. I have to be violent just to make it work. not too hard
Anyway, at the beginning of the year I sorted aspects of my life into categories, like friends, family, health, boy, school, etc.
WELL it seems as though at one point all these were green plus signs versus red minus signs. Although I no longer write them out, I think it's safe to say that almost all would be red minus signs right now.