Thursday, November 26, 2009


So I forgot to mention...
On Monday my eyes completely rejected one of my contacts, but I didn't want to wear my glasses to school. SO. I brought my glasses and decided I would be blind unless I really really needed to see something. ANYWAY this went well other than the fact that I was squinty all day, but on Tuesday I decided I wouldn't do that and I would just force in some contacts.

I put in two new ones but one of my eyes kept watering really bad throughout the day. Finally it got so bad I couldn't open either of my eyes.
Which is really embarrassing when someone is talking and hitting on you. Since you look like you're sobbing.
But the class I was in was having a presentation day of these projects. So between two projects, I got a pass to the bathroom.

I went in the bathroom and half of my face was really pink and irritated and my eye was still pouring water. So I quickly took out my contact... just one... haha.. put some eye drops in and went back to class. But knowing my luck, there wasn't a presentation going out and since people always look right at the door no matter who is coming in, this was no different.

Only I looked like two-face with a waterfall streaming out of my half-closed eye.

The gasps and reactions were really nice. hahahahah fun fun fun
thanks eye!

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